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the riddler suit

Here’s a chronological progression of the Riddler suit. It went from a hideous mint green giant ugly suit to, well, what it ended up as!

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turning a vault dweller into a wanderer

One of the things that we enjoy the most in making our costumes is turning them into real, battle-worn pieces of art. We strive for accuracy from the time that the costumes are flat cuts of fabric to the point they’re in the third dimension on our bodies, and this step is the last to take our costuming to its best!

This is all done with paint and skill, nothing special. We feel this is what makes our costumes memorable, this is what takes them straight off the screen and into the real world. It gives them dimension and depth, and makes them believably worn, like they’ve been across the wasteland and back, and you remember that journey, because you played it in the game. The weathering and painting step is an important part of the heart and passion we put into this silly hobby!

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how (not to) cut out a maya bodysuit

I set up the GoPro to do a time-lapse while I cut out my Torgue High Octane bodysuit, from my self-drafted pattern. It took forever and I spilled a beer on it. Enjoy four hours of detailed work crammed into one minute of footage!

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fallout cosplay prop: the railway rifle

Here again is a showcase of how an amazing cosplay prop came into being and then became as awesome as we possibly could make it. This is my husband’s Railway Rifle, made completely from scratch, scrap, garbage, tubes, buckets, wood, wire, nails, bolts and I’m pretty sure there’s a Spaghetti-os can in there, if you can spot it. Remember, the hobby doesn’t have to be about how much money you can spend, it’s about putting your heart into the things you make, and enjoying the whole process.

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sorry for being creepy, anthony

not really tho

one time at magfest before there were like 10,000000000 other borderlands cosplayers (2010) we dressed up like borderlands dumdums and went to anthony burch’s panel, and asked questions in character or as terribly as we could muster but we ended up just asking questions about the golden girls

then we took this picture with him

and i look kinda creepy and i don’t think i’m sorry for that because it was real fun at the time

but now he’s probably super fucking duper over it since everyone and their mom has a borderlands cosplays and thinks theirs is totally worth noticing now (its not)

that one time

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but what if pete wrigley was like, sexy

what if i just added really big tits to a character who is a child and called it like a SEXY version of a cosplay

everyone can do whatever they want but i don’t have to like it, and i think doing this is gross so i did it to prove my point

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