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Maya – Borderlands 2 Siren Tattoos – Digital Outline File Only

Since my graphic designer husband spent a lot of time making these tattoo outlines for me, I wanted to offer them up to other Maya cosplayers! If you’re working on a Maya cosplay, take the frustrating hand-drawing out of the tattoos, and pick up this stencil!

This file is formatted for 8.5″x11″ paper, and will print out multiple pieces that you will have to assemble. Most of our arms are larger than pieces of paper, so this was sort of unavoidable! Depending on the size of your arms, you may also have to connect the lines underneath your arm; however, that’s totally up to you when you apply them.

File includes chest, hip, and arm tattoos, that continue down to the hand, along with application tips and guide. This is a digital file ONLY.

Please note, the cutting of these outlines is up to you! I printed them onto simple sticky label pages (from any office supply store), cut out the outlines (you could use scissors or an Exacto blade), and applied the labels to my skin as a stencil. I then used Mehron Paradise AQ in Light Blue, combined with some stencil spouncers moistened with Mehron Barrier Spray to apply the paint. This lasted me ALL DAY, it was amazing!!

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$5 for all three- chest, hip and arm/hand tattoo outlines

Pay securely with PayPal, and a download link will be immediately emailed to you!

Or, check out on etsy if you’d prefer!